My intentions for this blog are fairly simplistic: mostly I would like to use this space as a means of encouraging myself to continue creating and growing by forcing myself to share my progress with anyone who may be interested. While I may share bits of my personal life, what I really want is to share my scrapbooking with all of the amazing bloggers already out there.


Artwork and Thunderstorms

Last night I hung out with Jilly. We really don't get to hang out with each other as much as I would like. She is such a bright light in my life. While we can get rather aggressive with each other at times, it is only because we are so close that such abuse can be tolerated. Even with a migraine last night we were making each other laugh; speaking in bad accents, being crude, just our usual deranged selves. And to add to all of this love and happiness, there was a thunderstorm last night. Me and thunderstorms are like peas and carrots... or maybe that was someone else... It certainly helped the pounding in my own skull to hear the relaxing sound of rain, thunder and the smell of rain, so much so that I got 3 pages done.
The first one I love, the second is old school. But what's wrong with a simple, old school page every now and again? Meh. Nothin'. As you can't read the jounaling tabs (I said old school right?) lemme'splain... I bought this adorable scratch off "coloring book" for our dear friend's daughter Bella when she was born because it was called "Princess Bella". I have been saving that book until now to ensure that she would not impale herself or lose any soft tissue to the sharp wooden tool. When I brought it over about a month ago, she was just as pumped as me. She watched her Mom color and then trotted off to her unfinished tree house to sit and work. She was soooooooo engaged and worked so hard: it was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. So I Paparazzied the moment. Happy Thursday!


"Even Picasso had to Start SOMEwhere"
P.S. I can't wait to have my own kids so that I can stop creeping on my friend's children.


Cupcake Queen!

So I'm having a pretty sweet day today all in all. I made some ridiculously cute cupcakes! My friend Amanda bought me this awesome cupcake book which I had yet to try out. Granted they were time consuming, but come on, how adorable is this garden? I must admit that I cheated and used cake mix but I was really more concerned with the decorating. Yum!
Also, half of my students had their final exam today. It went really well and their average was super high - wahoo! In honor of the biology exam I wore my most nerdy but equally awesome science shirt...


Wishing I had better handwriting...

You know, lots of people comment on my handwriting in real life. I've been proud of my printing since at least grade 1 :P However, as soon as I go to write on a page things get sketchy. If I try too hard I come up with perfect printing like my mother would do - which is lovely but not natural. It doesn't even look like I wrote it. The other option is to just "go for it". The problem with that option is that my brain is not really a "got for it" kind of gal. My brain is more like "don't screw it up, but make it natural, but don't look like your trying too hard, but try not to ruin your page..."etc. Which brings me to my latest page. I was going to cover up the unnatural writing (I may still) as it can be likened to a "silent but violent" - sneaks up on you with no warning and kills the mood. I know that many of your brave souls handwrite on your pages all the time and the whole point is to tell a story or portray a feeling but my OCD just won't let me get there yet. At least I'm keeping up with the posting and crafting. Some more ideas in the works... This is a picture of my babelicous Mom, I belive shortly after my birth. I just love her soooo much! *Note: it is not mounted on that terrible pink color, I just had that paper down when I took the pic.

In other news, Jill was asking me why you can't click on the images on my blog to enlarge them anymore. My answer: I don't know. If anyone knows how to change this, please enlighten me. Love.


Same Same but Different

Just working at TM this Saturday and I thought I'd see what was in my cubby. Lucky for me I had some old photos from old page ideas. I was so excited that I scrapbooked a page right there and then. It kinda hurts my eyes a little but I'm so in love with patterns and colors. I know Jill is probably trying to stop herself from leaving the comment "too much! too much!" but I've decided I love it. And the pictures are hilarious to boot! Kurt Cobain inspired hair AND attire - Kara, I needed you then :) I've always known that my Dad and I share similar features but not until I found these photos did I realize how similar we really are.

Dad 1966. Me 1995. We were both in grade 6.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Scrapin' at TM

So I went to keep Jill company as she was working at the store alone tonight... and that way I could also bring her dinner. (I know, I know, I wish I could be your sister too.) I completed a page in half an hour. Yep. Me. Procrastinating, whining Kirsten. Trust me. This is an accomplishment. It's not anything special to look at but it had hidden value to me. The paper was a kit from the store. I challenge that is now met. It also means that I am starting to feel a little more like my old self - coincidence that this coincides with the last day of teaching being yesterday? I THINK NOT!!! I'm excited to work at TM this summer and get into "it".


Wedding Reception Pics

So. I'm dumb. I never did give our FAB photographer any credit in my engagement photo post. Her name is Ashley Champagne and you can find her here. She is incredible and has photographed Gaga - who, she tells us, introduced herself as "Gaga" not "Hi! My real name is Stephanie Germanotta but I prefer to be pretentious, disyllabic and completely deranged." What a weirdo. Anywho, Ashley came to our reception to take some candid shots and man did she ever. I will just post a few of the details (I know you crafty folk like the details) and a couple of my favorites. "Cootie catcher" favors (they were fun to design and fold - not- thanks for the idea Martha) with chocolate bars nestled within - yum!Also my beautiful tropical inspired centerpieces were created by none other than Lindsay Best. She is amazing and has recently started a new blog to showcase her incredible talents.

The head table had long intertwined pieces of bamboo with orchids and palms and other beautiful delights wrapped around them... so cool! I found a similar design on internet and Lindsay did it even better!!!

Dave and I love to laugh. I heart this photo for that reason.

Grammy. I had a reception in Edmonton with the hope that both my Grammy and Grampy could attend. Unfortunately, Gramps was ill but Gram was looking fineeeeeeeee....

Anyone notice that I've uped the posting? Woot! Woot!


New Guest Bedroom

Oh la la! I just recently started to refinish our guest bedroom. Like Nadine, I too was so inspired by Whiteberry Reinvented and decided a few weeks ago to paint David's old crappy bed. He had this bed when I met him and ever since we have been living together, it has found a home anywhere but our room. With a new coat of distressed white paint, it's a good as new. The dresser Jill and I painted ages ago - it was actually her dresser from childhood but I totally scammed it :) I still need to add some pictures and candles...

Sorry for the crappy pictures (still learning).