My intentions for this blog are fairly simplistic: mostly I would like to use this space as a means of encouraging myself to continue creating and growing by forcing myself to share my progress with anyone who may be interested. While I may share bits of my personal life, what I really want is to share my scrapbooking with all of the amazing bloggers already out there.



So Jilly challenged me to use the following things on the following page:
  • two of the almost nudey potty pics (yep, yours truly)
  • the color orange
  • the two pink flowers
  • a Riff Raff shape
I came up with this:

The second page was one that I actually whipped up in a jiff - and if you have ever seen me scrapbook - that's an accomplishment in itself. I broke one of the rules that Anam taught me a while ago. That is, I ignored the blue in the picture and now it really stands out. But I've decided that this is a random picture that I just recently found from a trip that is already scrapped and so I went with it.



Friday night I made a date with my good friend Mer to scrapbook. We both had a lot we wanted to get done but as we all know, it takes me forever to complete one page. I don't think anyone over analizes to the extent that I do. Anywho, here is the ONE PAGE I managed to get done.

This is Murphy`s hiney the day after his surgery. The little spot that looks like a mole is the beginning of a long series of stitches. Murph had a femoral head osteotomy - essentially he no longer has an actually hip joint and his body is slowly rebuilding a false joint. Recently he has started to jump up onto the couch - pretty amazing!


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Christmas!!! I do love Halloween but who can argue with Christmas?!? I had a rough day today as my own mother hit my beautiful car with her even nicer car - rest assured it was a total accident - but I was still very upset. The solution? Crafting! I really enjoy the tree that stands in front of the cash at TM. I accurately named it the "Who tree". I've seen similar trees at Homesense, etc., so I decided that I would attempt one myself. Some foam, wire, pins, sequins, a bottle of sparkles and a whole lot of craft glue later, this is what I came up with. I think it's hilarious and it looks even better in person. (Ohhhhh ... sparkles...) And I've just convinced Daver that he should make me a stand for it. Tada!



I'm a little choked. This was such a cute picture/story (as per former Bella post), and I'm just not loving the page. However, as it takes me days to do anything I thought I would post it anyway. Help CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms are welcome (wouldn't want to damage my delicate ego now would we :P). but I think I'm just tired of starring at this thing. Hurumph.


My Favorite Holiday!!!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Well, okay. Christmas is up there too. But I have always had so much fun during Halloween (with the exclusion of last year - Halloween fell right in the middle of my advanced practicum - no tricks or treats for me that year). I love the decorations, I love the costumes, I LOVE the chocolate. Now that we are in our house we will (hopefully) have some little trick or treaters. We are going to be that "good" house that gives the full chocolate bars as I am sooo in the festive spirit. AND I will have my own fun as I am hosting a costume party on Nov. 1st. This allows all my friends with little ones to do their parental duties on the 31st and ship their darling off to Grandma's while they party the following day. Chantel and I made these simple but wicked Halloween invitations. The best part is that no two invites are the same. I can't wait to send them!!!!!!!!


My Little One

Jilly is going through a very rough time right now but yesterday I saw some glimmers of her old hilarious self during our sleepover party for two. She is trying to be strong, and getting better at it everyday. I love her so much! Thanks to all of the staff members at Treasured Memories for making her book so special - I know it has helped to give her a lot of that strength she is working so hard to maintain. Here is one of the pages I did for me little one because I love her so:


Pretty Accident

I'm currently working on a few pages that I cannot share but something really cool happened so I thought I'd put a picture up that didn't give too much away. I painted this heart with metalic acrylic and then put some clear embossing powder on. Did the heat gun thing... and then suddenly it looked like small rain drops. So pretty! And a total fluke!


Hrm... Not too Good at this Game...

So. Um. About this blogging thing? Yeah. Not so good at it. Hopefully I'm back on the wagon (or off? not sure which term applies here). Although, this post is a bit of a cheat. This is my Sept staff kit project, which almost certainly any of you girls who read this have already seen... but hey! I'm trying. I can thank a dying camera battery for the bad picture. The adorable 1 year old in the picture is Bella, the daughter of two very good friends of ours. She is/was one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen and a sweetheart to boot. She came over the day after Murphy's (my cat's) surgery, and was rubbing her peppy ponytail all over his head - a gesture of comfort perhaps? Whatever she thought she was doing, it was a great moment. I did get pictures... hrm... I sense some pages here...

In other news: I love my sister and I would go to the ends of the earth for her.


New Buttons...

I spent part of this morning crafting some new buttons; something that I have been meaning to get around to. Some are really cute (hello man and heart!*cough cough Lisa cough*) and some leave a little to be desired. But, a wise woman (Jilly) once said, "someone is going to like it somewhere". I'm still working on a few other ideas before I sell them at the store but I thought I'd put them "out there". Also, apologies for the crummy pictures... my camera has been less than cooperative, even post-coercive beating.


My Three-Legged Love

One of my nearest and dearest friends, Amanda, has recently adopted Lola, a beautiful boxer cross. Lola had some surgery complications early in life and, as a result, she has had her right front leg entirely removed. Sadly, after her surgery she became a resident of the veterinary school in Saskatoon where my smarty-pants Amanda is in the last year of her studies. Amanda and her beau fell in love with this gentle, loving creature and came to her rescue three months ago.
I had the pleasure of meeting Lola a few weeks ago and she makes me melt. She is AWESOME!!! (And can run like the wind I might add!) As her godmother, I simple had to do a page of her, especially when her auburn hair was the perfect thing for this week's staff kit at Treasured Memories. I simply love my "little three-legged wonder"!!!


Here goes nothin'

Well I suppose I am officially a blogger. I originally thought I should call this blog "The Ultimate Over-thinker", as both a parallel to my beautiful sister's blog and to pay homage to my severe disability in decision making, but it turns out that someone out there has a similar problem and got to the title first. And so I turned to one of the most delicious bands of all time - Death Cab for Cutie - for some inspiration and slightly altered one of their song titles. I think it is perfect for a number of reasons. (1) I am afflicted with a need to scrapbook everything orthogonally and I am now trying to break free of my straight line obsession (2) It's a nice mathematical concept and everyone loves math... oh wait... that's just me (3) Is there anything better than Death Cab lyrics? Not much!

And so I will leave you with a few shots of my most recent crooked scrapbooking adventures as tour guided by my talented little sister.