My intentions for this blog are fairly simplistic: mostly I would like to use this space as a means of encouraging myself to continue creating and growing by forcing myself to share my progress with anyone who may be interested. While I may share bits of my personal life, what I really want is to share my scrapbooking with all of the amazing bloggers already out there.


Jungle Fever

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I should really be doing school work so I'll make this quick. I made another mask for the weekend crop. This one is African/jungle animal inspired. Cheetah print mask with feathers and rhinestones says "jungle" to me... Jill and Victoria sang most of the original score from "The Lion King" while I worked - a delightful experience. Then Vic and I (we were trying out new names for Victoria, I'm going to push for "Vic") staged a photo in the backroom in front of a fake evergreen. African? Sure! Nobody mention that I'm a biology teacher...

Must. Get. School work. Done. I really need to get to it so that I can watch the Royal Wedding! I'm sort of into the Royals. I was named after Princess Diana (Kirsten Diana) so I feel compelled to watch her first son get married. And Kate is just stunning and I'm dying to see her dress :)


National Scrapbooking/Birthday Weekend!!!

I've been helping out at the store a little, reving up for National Scrapbooking weekend...which also happens to be my 28th birthday celebration! There are so many AMAZING prizes from so many great companies. All of the scrappers are going to be so excited and have such a great time. I would be jealous if I wasn't having a hilarious, catch-all, drag queen, tickle trunk party :) I'll post whatever pictures I can.

Here is my mask for the crop. Each staff member got two masks to decorate. I have an idea for my second but some how managed to leave it at home tonight, instead of bringing it to the store. Sigh. I used the new and fabulous Basic Grey paper, some grey lace and some ribbon to create this unique mask. I hope however wins it, loves it as much as I do.

Photo courtesy of Jill's iPhone and Jill and Lisa's beautiful spring display.


Thank You Ginger!

So 1 month ago today Ginger was kind enough to award me with a Liebster Blog award.

(Yes. One month ago. I have been terribly lazy lately... can you tell from the lack of posts.)

Well I think that Ginger is pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread. She has completely branched out, taken on new challenges and become quite the member of the blogging community. Basically, when I grow up I want to be just like her, and Lisa, and all of the wonderful crafters out there who reach out to each other and take online classes and try new things... I'm hoping that this summer I can become one of those people. From when I started blogging, I think I've already made some (small) leaps and bounds. It's true that my school work takes up the majority of my time but this year I have really tried to set aside some time for me. Judging by the sheer number of posts each year alone, I'm already getting better. So thank you Ginger for recognizing my minimal posts and I hope to live up to a fraction of your awesomeness this summer break.

As for recognizing some small blogs that I think are fab, well I just can't help but be biased.
Jill - my sister who used to have a fantastic scrappin' blog. I'm hoping she will come around and bring the Infamous Crooked Scrapbooker back. She is so talented. Another one of her talents however is making things look good. Her new company Tilt Staging and Design is going to be epic!

Kara - oh how I love thee. Style icon? Yes, I think so. I can't wait to visit her new store. She is also an all around crafter and the thriftiest, most adorable girl I know. Need some wardrobe inspiration? Check her out.

My last nomination is really a bribe. Chantel has been promising to post a craft every Monday. Now I know she is very busy owning a store and raising a baby, but seriously, she's so awesome who doesn't want to see more? More, more, more!

Thanks again Ginger!


Our 1st Anniversary

Thursday was our first anniversary. It was delightful to just do nothing together for the whole day, exchange gifts and go for a casual dinner at OJs (Original Joes). Just our style (you may remember that Original Joe's is where we had our engagement photos taken). David got me a beautiful, thoughful card that made me cry, flowers, two novels and some stickers for school; this being our "paper" anniversary. Delightful. I made him a card and bought him an antique, a cookbook from 1871: "Mrs. Porter's New Southern Cookery". He loves to read cookbooks and loves "old" things. It was too good to be true! Some images from our cozy day...


MySpace Photos

Sigh. "MySpace" photos (or what some may call long-arms) are my favorite. Hilarious. Awkward facial expressions, distant eyes, a messy bedroom in the background. So funny! Victoria cut my hair this week and I love it. I was concerned that if I did not love it our friendship would be over and working together would be uncomfortable. V assured my that this would not be the case and she was going to make me look good. She came through! I lurve it and I've already tried it with headbands, clips, messy... who knew short hair could do so many things? Lisa did, that's who. And so, my "MySpace" photos of my new do: