My intentions for this blog are fairly simplistic: mostly I would like to use this space as a means of encouraging myself to continue creating and growing by forcing myself to share my progress with anyone who may be interested. While I may share bits of my personal life, what I really want is to share my scrapbooking with all of the amazing bloggers already out there.


Death Cab is Dreamy

Tuesday night I went to Death Cab for Cutie with my bestie and her husband. Better yet my sister in law and her bestie were also there. Death Cab was simply scrumptious! I so wished David had come with us too, he would have loved it. So many songs have become "our" songs over the years that called him about 14 times during the concert and just held phone up so he could "hear". The only song he managed to decifer was one of our favorites: "Transatlantism". The lyrics are, in part, "I need you so much closer" and David told me it was what he listened to over and over when I was away for a week in Scotland a few years ago (the only week we have ever been apart since we started dating). Melty heart. Here's a few pictures from my iPhone, which I am currently using to post while in the bath tub. Must flee!


Glamour, Above All Else

Teaching is clearly taking a toll on me lately (as evident by the bags under my eyes). There are only 3 WEEKS left of classes before exams and my students are itching to get outside and away from their books. Actually, not just itching, practically clawing to get out. If I'm being honest - so am I! It's been a hard year and a hard assignment this semester. I tried to give myself a break tonight by giving myself a mini facial. I couldn't help but take a picture once I put on this mask. It has the most unforgiving likeliness to baby poop.

You know me, I can't risk a missed opportunity for a stupid face and a worse photo... Hope your long weekend was restful and that you didn't put anything on your face that looks like it came out of a diaper!


And Then There Was Finn

There are A LOT of showers happening on my husband's side of the family lately. Everyone is pregnant or getting married, or both! I met the newest addition to the family today: Finn. Not Finnegan, just Finn. He's adorable. I would show you some pictures if I had had the where-with-all to take some. You see, I was in a fender-bender today and I have to tell you - I hated it! I was pulling out and then correcting, she though I was letting her go, I wasn't, crash, boom, bang. Sigh. The worst part was that she was such a nice girl and I'm sure her day is now ruined too. We shall see what insurance decides but not exactly the happiest moment before going to a baby shower. Mostly my ego is bruised. I consider myself to be a good driver, if not a little too speedy at times. But I'm defensive and generally careful. Now that I've been to the police station twice, to my father's and now home, I'm jumping into a nice bubble bath.
Rose Moca alphas, American Crafts paper and ribbon, Hambly transparency and sticker and random patterned paper from Costco purchased approximately 1 million years ago.


Don't be a Drag, Just be a Queen

The dust, feathers, eyelashes and miscellaneous costume paraphernalia has settled and I'm still here. My 28th birthday was another great excuse to get my friends together and have a fantastic get together... in drag of course. Originally I invited everyone to, what I called a "tickle trunk" party. More often than not we have theme parties but I recognize that not everyone is as "into it" as we/I are/am. So my thought was to put out a bunch of costume pieces and some cardboard cut-outs you put your head in etc., and have everyone be a outrageous (or not) as they wanted to. Great idea. Stole it from Jill. But then Jill had another idea, she wanted to dress up as a male drag queen. Flash back to my 26th birthday: equal amounts of glitter, hilarity and "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" antics. That party was one of my best costume ideas yet! So Jill and I decided to relive the party from a few years ago by dressing up ourselves. Just her and I. When Victoria got there she dolled up in record speed and the three of us looked like idiots for the rest of the evenings. Many people played along with the "everything goes" theme, including Heather (astronaut outfit, shiny silver wing, butterfly wings and a top hat) and Jen (boa, Cruella Deville wig). Yours truly? See for yourself:
 Terrifying I know. But admit it, you want to try drag now. Don't 'cha? And here are some of my gifts. I'm so spoiled! Note the homemade card with googly eyes. The brown card stock in the background has been made to look like cork by my SIL Jen using a little black ink and a mean flick of the wrist. The phrenology head is wicked! Jill found it for me. She's so smart! I just recently bought some lazer cut chipboard from TM with a phrenology head. I reminds me of my psychology days... sigh. Those were the days....
 Beautiful crafting supplies from the hubby. I'm dying to use that yellow Basic Grey paper - yum!
  Beautiful flowers from my mom who found the time to be sooo thoughtful while taking care of my step-father overseas. Geez. What a lady.
Thank you loving friends and family. May day was delightful!


My Little Cupcakes

Having a delightful birthday weekend - more to post later. Those of you that are my friends on FB already have a glimpse of the antics.

I have much to do still tonight so just another quick post. Here is my challenge page from TM using the newest My Little Shoebox. It's super cutesy and bright and fun. I loved the colors instantly. This is certainly not my most inspired page however. I'm hoping to do some more with this great new line next weekend, redeem myself while doing justice to the line. I also added some of the new Sassafrass flowers - they are wicked awesome! - and some of my usual embroidery. I love the awkward hand writing :)